30/11/2023: Sheep and Goat Inventory for 2023 - Now open to complete

The survey to complete the Sheep and Goat Inventory for 2023 is now open and available on this link:


Sheep and Goat keepers have been sent a letter from the Animal Health and Welfare Disease Prevention Team within Scottish Government containing the password required to sign on to the Survey using the link above.  The letters were posted on Tuesday 28th November. 

This year,  the Sheep and Goat Inventory is available to complete via the online survey only. More information is available in the guidance.  The survey closes on the 31st December, please ensure your  Sheep and Goat Inventory is completed by then.  Please use the email address sheepandgoatinventory@gov.scot for queries regarding the Sheep and Goat Inventory which can be used to send a question or request a call back. Please use this email address if you have not received your letter by 12/12/2023.

08/11/2023: New Vet Attestation, if not Farm Assured, from 13 December 2023

From 13 December 2023, livestock presented at an abattoir, from which animal product is to be exported to the EU, must have come from a holding with a farm assured status (QMS or Red Tractor) or have a Veterinary Attestation in place. The Export Eligibility Checker on ScotEID will be available from the 13 December 2023 to check a holding's export eligibility status.

For more information regarding the export eligibility requirements and how to acquire a Veterinary Attestation, if you need one, please click on the 'read more' link below.

15/09/2023 Using Ultra High Frequency (UHF) for cattle electronic identification (EID) updated summary of ScotEID findings September 2023

Following a Scottish Industry request UHF-EID for cattle has been trialled progressively in Scotland over the past decade.  Testing under commercial conditions across farms, marts and abattoirs confirms that the technology is reliable and presents significant opportunities as well as advantages over the alternative of LF-EID.  You can read the full report here.

08/09/2023: African Swine Fever

All pig keepers are reminded to review their biosecurity plans and remain vigilant for signs of African swine fever (ASF) or increased mortality.

African swine fever continues to spread in Europe with Sweden becoming the 24th country in Europe to declare disease. Watch this short video for key messaging to keep ASF out.

Wild boar or feral pigs are considered to be a non-native, invasive species in Scotland. Report sightings online at https://irecord.org.uk using ‘wild boar’ or by emailing info@sears.scotland.gov.uk

12/05/2023 SRUC sheep and cattle ear tag survey

SRUC are carrying out a survey that asks sheep and cattle keepers to assist them in gathering evidence on the various external environmental factors that could lead to ear tag loss.  Please click on the link to take part:  Ear Tags in Sheep and Cattle Survey

Thank you. By taking part in the survey,  you are helping build a better understanding of ear tag loss in Scotland.  The survey should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete.

11/05/2023 Tuberculosis (Scotland) Order 2023 - Changes Letter

Cattle keepers have been sent a letter from the Chief Veterinary Officer (Scotland), on new tighter controls to reduce the risk of spreading bovine Tuberculosis that come into effect from Thursday 18 May 2023 under the Tuberculosis (Scotland) Order 2023.  If you did not receive a letter, it can be found on this link:   https://www.gov.scot/publications/tuberculosis-scotland-order-2023-changes-letter-from-the-chief-veterinary-officer/ .  Contact details for local Field Service Offices for APHA can be found here.

17/01/2023: MyHerdStats goes live

MyHerdStats is available to all cattle herds using ScotEID.
MyHerdStats generates insights and trends into each herd’s performance through a series of charts and tables. It is entirely confidential to each cattle keeper. MyHerdStats has been developed using statutory cattle registration and movement data to provide cattle keepers with a consistent and accurate insight into their herd performance.

How to access my MyHerdStats

MyHerdStats user guide

MyHerdStats information guide

MyHerdStats is operated by ScotEID and supported by Scottish Government.

23/12/2022 Office festive opening hours

The Huntly office will be closed Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of December 2022, and Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of January 2023 over the festive period.  The answer machine will be available for short messages to be left over this period or alternatively please send an email in to help@scoteid.com and we will get back to you when we return to the office

We wish you all the best over the festive period.