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ScotEID works closely with the Scottish livestock sector & Scottish Government to design, develop and deliver solutions to ensure robust traceability and minimise legislative difficulties.
Scottish sheep, pig & cattle keepers can register with ScotEID in order to meet or minimise current legislative requirements.

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31/08/2018: Cattle EID

Subject to a Scottish Government consultation exercise, compulsory electronic identification (EID) of cattle is due to be phased-in for Scotland over the next few years. This is anticipated to improve the speed and accuracy of traceability, hopefully paving the way for removal of paper passports. The currently proposed dates for implementation are:

  • From January 2020, all calves born on Scottish holdings will have to be EID-tagged.
  • From June 2022, any other bovine moving off a Scottish holding will have to be EID-tagged.
  • Farmers wishing to EID-tag their animals earlier than these dates will be able to do so, from June 2019.

This phased approach will give sufficient time for existing on-farm stocks of non-EID tags to be run down and for many existing cattle to pass through the supply-chain without being retagged. As yet, a date for EID-tagging the remaining cattle on the holding has not been issued (i.e. older cattle not moving off a holding).

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